Best offers eating out!!

Casa Ari does a whole host of indonesian food large portions and amazing flavours watered down with a good selction of beers.

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Things to see

Roque Nublo in the centre of the Island with incredibe panormaic views and only a short hike from the car park.

Cuevas Caidas in Tejeda

Las Canteras beach (Las Palmas City beach) a few minutes walk from the flat

A quiet beach in the South of the Island



Las Dunas in Maspalomas in the south best accessed via walking through the RIU Palace hotel arch onto the new view point at the end of Avenida de Tirajana.

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The flat


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From the airport

From the airport there is a number 60 bus that runs until late around mid-night after that your best bet is a taxi.

Time table for bus from airport to Las Palmas capital

Bus will cost no more than a few euros but you will still need a taxi after (read below). Taxi will cost around 35 euros airport to door.

The bus will usually terminates at San Telmo earlier buses sometimes terminate at Intercambiador Santa Catalina which a walkable distance to calle salvador manrique lara, around 15 – 20 minutes.

Most no. 60 buses will terminate at San Telmo from there you will need to ask for at taxi to calle salvador manrique lara. This will costno more than 6 euros. See below for images of the building.

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Bike Rental

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Car Rental

You can rent a car from the airport and it can be super cheap off season but expect to leave a deposit.

In the city I recommend car rental places with a daily rental of 30 euros and little deposit no more than 60 euros. They tend to be more laid back in the city regarding gving deposits back than I´d assume than the big companies at the airport.

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Salvador Manrique Lara – Madera y Corcho

Building to the left is where I host air bnb and live. They are called madera (wood) and corcho (cork) don´t ask me which is which 😉

You can enter here climb the steps and it´s the building to the right door 30

If you approach from this side it´s the building to the left door 30.

Taxi should drop here

or here..

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Sample Page

Welcome to Las Palmas on this page you can find everything to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

From accomodation to bike and car rental to the places to eat and best places to visit it´s all here!

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